What I miss about being young

Ah when times were simpler…

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Surviving a Week Without Internet!

So I recently moved in to my new university house that I will soon be sharing with three other lovely girls I met in my first year. However, me being so excited to move out and have my independence, I picked up the keys and made myself at home here first. However, with this came the responsibility of sorting the house out and so the absence of an Internet connection for the first week before it had been set up. At first I was hesitant – what would I do with my days without being able to watch Netflix or constantly be on social media? I, as many of us do, rely on the Internet for entertainment and assumed I would be wasting my days away, staring at the ceiling waiting impatiently for my housemates to arrive and the uni semester to begin. In fact, I found the time without Internet so much more productive and I appreciated the happiness I felt doing other things.

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A Beautiful Wedding Venue: Caswell House

I recently worked as a catering and events assistant for a couple of weddings at the most beautiful venue in Oxfordshire. As I am studying event management at university, pretty venues make me very happy. I had been told this was a high end and exclusive wedding location and I couldn’t wait to visit.

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What I Learned from the Freedom Seeker Book Launch

A few days ago, I was invited by the lovely Heather from heatherlerrynphotography.com to attend the book launch of Freedom Seeker by Beth Kempton. I had never heard of this book before so I did a little research and it looked amazing!

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